Liverpool Community Radio

During 2012 Open Labs commissioned the ICC to evaluate the impact of  Liverpool Community Radio’s training programme.

Liverpool Community Radio, formally KennyVision FM is a social enterprise based in Kensington, Liverpool. The organisation is a legacy from the Kensington Vision Interactive Television project, developed and undertaken by the International Centre for Digital Content, LJMU. The station broadcasts over the internet and involves the local community in producing radio shows about local, national and international issues. Community members undertake a 5 week training programme which takes the novice presenter through all aspects of programme production which concludes with an hour online broadcast.

A scoping study was undertaken by Sue Potts, the ICC’s former  Communications and Relationship Manager, who  assessed the impact of the training programme on participants in the following ways: motivation and social goals; programming interests such as culture, opinions, dreams, stories and music; how the training programme works to actualise participants’ motivations and goals; and other expected and unexpected impacts.


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