The Granby Winter Garden – Experiments in co-production

The Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE) is a network of London-based higher education institutions established in 2005. It was the first university-led network to focus specifically on knowledge exchange, collaboration and wider engagement between the research base and the arts, cultural and creative sectors in the capital. In 2016, the TCCE invited artists and creative practitioners to partner with early career researchers through the Exchange initiative.

Sue Potts was awarded a collaborative research grant to partner with Maria Brewster, a cultural producer who had led the development of the Granby Winter Garden, situated within the Granby Four Streets Turner prize winning project by Assemble. The Granby Winter Garden will transform two derelict terraced houses into a beautiful and useful urban glasshouse and arts space in the heart of one the UK’s most diverse and deprived communities. Maria and Sue’s collaboration successfully realised a planned artistic programme for the Winter Garden that has meaning and impact, socially and artistically, and which is responsive to the needs, desires and interests of local people. This collaborative research project drew on participatory design research methodologies to create a programme framework that nurtures and builds upon the neighbourhood’s existing creative skills and strengths, whilst challenging assumptions, and bringing new ideas and ambitious practices into the local context.

Photo credits
Cairns Street” by Andrew Sides is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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