Ways of Being in a Digital Age: A Systematic Review

esrc"The Institute of Cultural Capital, in collaboration with 17 other partner universities and organisations, has been selected to lead the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) scoping review on “Ways of Being in a Digital Age” (click here to visit the external project website). This scoping review will inform potential future ESRC initiatives in this area. It will provide a holistic view of how digital technology mediates our lives, and of the way technological and social change co-evolve and impact on each other.

The project will undertake a Delphi review of expert opinion and a systematic literature review and overall synthesis to identify gaps in current research. The project will also run a programme of events to build and extend networks among the academic community, other stakeholders and potential funding partners. The project will involve an interdisciplinary research team with experience of running digital projects with partners across the social sciences, arts and humanities, engineering, physical sciences and health.

The project team represents 16 universities from the UK, EU, USA and Singapore. The core team of co investigators from eight UK universities will provide expertise across a range of social science, arts, engineering and science backgrounds. The team also includes a broader international steering group.

The project will focus on seven ‘domains’:

  • Citizenship and politics
  • Communities and identities
  • Communication and relationships
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Economy and sustainability
  • Data and representation
  • Governance and security

For each domain, the project will undertake:

  • A Delphi panel review of international experts’ opinions on the state of the art in digital-facing social research.
  • A ‘concept mapping’ of identified literature using digital humanities tools
  • A systematic review of a sample of the literature
  • Engagement events with non-academic stakeholders from the public and private sectors
  • An assessment of the theory and methods applied in each domain

The project will also conduct a feedback questionnaire on the findings, run workshops throughout, and hold sessions at a number of international conferences.  The project will conclude with a symposium to feedback the findings and to discuss the future of digital research in the social sciences.

Click here to visit the Ways of Being in a Digital Age website.

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