Cities of Culture, 30 years on. Who has the edge?

This event is running from 18 October 2018 until 19 October 2018

In 2018, Liverpool looks back on the 10 year anniversary of becoming European Capital of Culture (ECoC) as the only host city thus far to have so comprehensively documented its journey since the bid stage, over 20 years ago.

The original research programme commissioned for ‘Liverpool 08’ — the ground-breaking Impacts08 — together with its successor research programme, Impacts 18, collectively represent an unprecedented two decades’ worth of evidence on the impact and value of the ECoC as a catalyst for urban change.

In October 2018, the Institute of Cultural Capital is partnering with Culture Liverpool and the British Council for a two-day international symposium dedicated to discussing the long term impact (over 30 years) of hosting major events — in so doing, underlining the case for the value of culture as a catalyst for change in cities more generally.

The symposium will discuss opportunities as well as challenges — in particular, what it takes for cities to maintain a distinctive and competitive edge, in an era where becoming a ‘city of culture’ is a common aspiration. Featuring conversations with cities from the UK, Europe and beyond, these discussions will consider not only the rewards that can potentially be reaped by event-led cultural regeneration but also the barriers to, and risks of, success.

Further information on the event, is available at www.impacts18.net.

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