‘Storymaking’ symposium

This event is on 11 November 2016

Storymaking is a one day symposium to be held on Friday 11th November 2016 at the Liverpool Screen School, Liverpool John Moores University, which has been organised in collaboration with the ICC’s Knowledge Exchange Manager Sue Potts and supported by the MeCCSA Practice Network.

The focus of this symposium is making stories with rather than just for the audience.

In the contemporary cultural landscape, we can all self-publish our own novels, release our own films online and share our photography through numerous social media sites, gathering our own audience from across the globe. These new capabilities are altering the relationship between producers and consumers of cultural products and afford possibilities for new experiences that are collaborative.

Participatory culture is a new and developing area of media practice that would benefit from exploration and discussion of: technologies that afford participation, the ethics of collaboration with users, the creative potential of working with an audience, and methods to develop communities of users.

This symposium will allow a sharing of practice between those who already produce new media / digital content and work collaboratively with others, and practitioners who are interested in developing work with audiences and users.

The symposium will investigate approaches to participatory cultural practice and ask, “What happens when the audience joins in?” Themes to explore might include (but are not limited to):

  • Participation in narrative projects
  • Creative collaboration
  • Guardianship of people’s stories
  • Providing a voice
  • Connecting people and places
  • Creating a social archive
  • Methods for creating a community of collaborators
  • Ethics and ownership
  • Audience versus participant

Presentations will be 20 minutes in duration. To submit a paper, please email presentation title, name, affiliation (or company) and an up to 250 word abstract to:

Sarah Haynes – s.haynes@ljmu.ac.uk and Ian Bradley – i.bradley@ljmu.ac.uk

Proposal submission deadline is 9th September.

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