The Art of Social Prescribing research workshop

This event is on 9 July 2015 10:00am

The ICC’s Head of Research Kerry Wilson is running a research workshop on Thursday 9th July 2015, linked to her AHRC-funded project ‘The Art of Social Prescribing: informing policy on creative interventions in mental health care’. During the workshop, participants will consider and discuss the key public policy agendas that are currently driving the momentum behind social prescribing in mental health care; the relationship between policy, practice and research and relevant professional communities; the role of service users; and how each of these relationships affect the way that the value of social prescribing is articulated and understood.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from Mark Swift of Halton-based Wellbeing Enterprises on his experiences of running a successful, strongly-networked social prescribing scheme, and we are also delighted to welcome Trevor Hopkins of Asset Based Consulting. Trevor is co-author of the recently published ‘Head, Hands and Heart: Asset-based Approaches in Health Care’, and will lead a discussion on this central tenet of preventive health policy and practice. The workshop will be policy-led therefore in considering how we can more intelligently commission arts and cultural interventions in mental health care, to integrate a wider range of cultural assets and a more representative community of practice that includes service-users, service providers, commissioners and researchers.

For more information on the workshop at LJMU’s Redmonds Building, Liverpool on Thursday 9th July and the research project, contact Kerry on k.m.wilson@ljmu.ac.uk

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