Future ‘cities of culture’ to learn from Liverpool and Derry experience at event this week

Added on Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Cities of Culture: Exchanging Experience and Learning Lessons is a two-day event, starting tomorrow, that will bring together representatives from Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 and Derry-Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013 with the directors of three upcoming cities of culture — Pafos, Aarhus and Hull —  to explore how the future title-holders can learn from the experience of previous incumbents.

Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture is widely regarded as a case study in how to successfully use major cultural programmes for the achievement of social, cultural and economic impacts — thanks in no small part to the role that the Impacts 08 research programme had in identifying and evidencing these impacts. Derry-Londonderry, meanwhile, has also been extensively researched, with a three-year Leverhulme-funded research project commissioned in 2013 to evaluate the success of the year in terms of peace-making and conflict resolution.

ICC Chair and former 08 Creative Director, Professor Phil Redmond, and ICC Head of Research and former Director of Impacts 08, Dr. Beatriz García, will both deliver presentations at the event — with both former host cities represented by key figures in the leadership and evaluation of their respective years.

For further information on the event and for a full list of the various speakers, visit our event listing here.

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