Participation and identity

This thematic area assesses the long-term impact of the Liverpool ECoC on local people’s cultural participation and perceptions of place, using one core research project as the foundation for these explorations.

Neighbourhood Impacts

This project explores the medium-to-long-term impacts of the ECoC on cultural participation and perceptions of social change in four Liverpool neighbourhoods (City Centre, Aigburth, Kirkdale and Knotty Ash).

Drawing on and updating the methodology adopted by Impacts 08 between 2007-2009, the study consists of

  • A door-to-door survey of 800 residents (200 in each neighbourhood)
  • Personal interviews and focus groups utilising creative methodologies that build on parallel research conducted in Liverpool over the same period.

This combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches will provide a holistic and nuanced exploration of residents’ participation in cultural activity, their perceptions of the neighbourhood they live in and the wider city, and their memories of the ECoC in 2008. The testimony of participants will be used to frame a series of neighbourhood case studies – placing the voices of residents, and their neighbourhood narratives, at the centre of the research.

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