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This research forms part of a broader commemoration of the 10 year anniversary of Liverpool 2008, with the city having already announced its intention to mark 2018 with a major programme of arts and cultural activity that will build on and celebrate the legacy of Liverpool 2008.

Dubbed Liverpool 2018, this programme of works will centre on a series of internationally significant events, exhibitions, seasons and performances which, in the words of the city council, ‘will shine a light on the importance of culture within the ongoing renaissance of the city, and how it will play a key role in the blueprint for the success of the Liverpool City Region moving forward.’ 

The full 2018 programme has now been announced, with highlights including the return of Royal de Luxe’s Giants and a visit by the world famous Terracotta Warriors. See below for a selection of press coverage of the programme.

Please note: this page will be further populated with press discussion of the 2018 celebrations and the legacy of 2008 as the 10 year anniversary draws nearer.

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