Inquiry into the civic role of arts organisations (2016)

This project involved the ICC in conducting research that considered the civic role of arts organisations, as part of a wider programme of work funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The Inquiry Into the Civic Role of Arts Organisations aims to increase awareness of the civic role that arts organisations play nationally and in their communities — using research and consultation to develop understanding of ‘next practice’ and create a movement of organisations committed to demonstrating it.

As part of the first phase of the inquiry, which helped to define and survey the civic role of arts organisations, the ICC took the lead in undertaking a number of research activities designed to support the inquiry. These activities included a systematic review of both academic and practitioner literatures; a set of structured interviews with thought leaders around the civic role of the arts; a survey of arts organisations; a comparative review of case studies and best practice; and two in-depth examinations of leading case studies.

The knowledge base established in this first phase will inform the recommendations developed as part of Phase 2 of the inquiry, as well as the implementation plan devised for Phase 3, which will aim to ensure that the work of the inquiry makes a lasting difference.

The final report for Phase 1 of the inquiry can be downloaded here. Further information about the inquiry and how arts and other interested organisations can participate, as the process continues, is available on the inquiry website.

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