Role of the British Council in adding value to the UK Cities of Culture programme (2017)

Commissioned by the British Council and led by ICC Director, Dr. Beatriz García, this project explores the relationship between the British Council and the UK City of Culture (UKCC) programme, focusing on the value of the British Council involvement as the main UKCC international partner.

Drawing on a review of policy and strategy documents, as well as interviews with stakeholders at the British Council and the two cities to thus far host the UKCC (Derry/Londonderry and Hull), the project clarifies the aspirations, motivations and capacity of the British Council to contribute to the UKCC programme.

These findings are being used to inform a ‘theory of change’ for the British Council’s involvement with the UKCC going forwards.

Photo credits
Hull City of Culture opening 2017” by Andrew Reid Wildman is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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