Care in the Media and Cultural Industries

This event is running from 12 September 2018 until 14 September 2018

Care in the Media and Cultural Industries is the second annual interdisciplinary conference led by the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies (CAMEo) at the University of Leicester. Focusing on the issues of care, concerns and ethics in the cultural and media economies, the conference foregrounds four key questions:

  • What are the sources of the different inequalities, injustices and harms in cultural and media industries?
  • In what ways do cultural objects and texts work to intervene in, challenge or reproduce social injustices, abuses and harms?
  • How can the emotions and intimacies in cultural work be harnessed to enhance the debates and frameworks for improving social justice across the cultural and media industries?
  • What forms of communitysocial connection or organizing might offer spaces of consolation, relief and opposition to damaging work?

The ICC’s Head of Research and AHRC Leadership Fellow Kerry Wilson will be speaking at this important and original conference, where she will share her research on professional ethics in museum and library sectors. In her paper – A question of ethics: careful communities of practice and affective cultural work – she will posit sites of multidisciplinary cultural practice, including museums working in health care settings and prison library services, as a model of understanding for other sectors on the ‘third order’ of professional ethics, relating to enhanced moral responsibility and public accountability.

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