ICC report for Cisco reveals importance of organisational culture to successful digitalisation

Added on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Digital Culture Clash is a new report by ICC Director, Professor Simeon Yates, that examines just how digitally ready UK organisations are in terms of people, processes and, most significantly, company culture.

Commissioned and supported by Cisco, the report takes research in this field beyond technology, or individual perceptions, to explore whether UK organisations have the will and the processes to successfully digitalise and thereby reap the associated benefits of increased productivity and growth.

Drawing on findings from a nationally representative survey of UK employees, the report looks to identify the most influential factors in the success of digital roll-outs, finding that the intangible characteristics of culture and leadership are in fact key to success and far more important than other factors, such as employees’ IT experience, wider organisational challenges, company size or the sector a company operates in.

Based on these results, the report provides direction for organisations exploring digitalisation, including ways of ensuring they have the necessary digital culture in place.

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