New book: The Caring Museum

Added on Monday, September 14th, 2015

Published this month, The Caring Museum: New Models of Engagement with Ageing is a book which explores current and developmental issues in the field of museums, galleries and ageing, in a practical way and with a clear emphasis on the emerging and innovative opportunities which ageing populations present.

The book considers both the contribution that older people are making to the development of museums and the ways in which museums are increasingly contributing to society in an ageing world, with leading museum and gallery professionals from the UK, USA, Europe and Australasia all sharing their experience and offering key insights on how to respond to the changes which population-level ageing brings.

In a chapter on the political value of museums in dementia care, ICC head of research, Kerry Wilson, draws on her own research on National Museums Liverpool’s hugely successful House of Memories dementia care training programme – outlining the value and impact of the programme, as well as highlighting the professional conditions and practices that underpin it as an example of effective cross-sector working.

The Caring Museum: New Models of Engagement with Ageing is available for purchase from Amazon and from the MuseumsEtc website. Get a 20 per cent discount when ordering the book from MuseumsEtc online by entering the code CARING20 at the online checkout.

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