Social Innovation research group at LJMU’s Institute for Health Research

Added on Thursday, March 31st, 2022

The Social Innovation research group at LJMU’s Institute for Health Research brings together researchers from across the university with an interest in creativity and innovation in health and social care, with an emphasis on community-led, preventive agendas and interventions that support our individual and collective wellbeing. This began with a conversation on emerging, shared research interests in social prescribing between group members, and now covers other related key themes including the value and practice of creativity, arts and culture; supporting asset-based community development; and the measurement and promotion of social value.

The ICC’s Kerry Wilson is delighted to be Co-leading the group alongside Dr Hannah Timpson from LJMU’s Public Health Institute. If you are based at LJMU and are interested in one or more of the research themes listed below, please get in touch and we will add your details to our group listing: k.m.wilson@ljmu.ac.uk

Culture and Creativity

  • Considering the cultural conditions and environmental factors that enable social innovation to flourish
  • Understanding the creative process in social innovation
  • Supporting the co-creation of social innovation through cross-sector collaboration

Asset-based Community Development

  • Using social innovation to enable communities to thrive
  • Working with and developing existing community assets and resources
  • Creating models of community-led social innovation

The Social Value of Social Innovation

  • Exploring the impact of social innovation on community health and wellbeing
  • Supporting preventive, healthy community agendas including social prescribing
  • Evidencing the social value and return on investment of social innovation to health and social care commissioners


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