14 May: The Global City: Past and Present

Added on Monday, May 11th, 2015

This Thursday, Dr Beatriz Garcia, ICC Head of Research, will be speaking at the first workshop to be organised as part of The Global City: Past and Present, a new AHRC research network facilitated by the University of St. Andrews.

The network has been created to foster a better understanding of the early modern imperial city and its place in the long history of globalization. The first workshop will focus on the issue of ‘Space’ in the early modern colonial city and its modern descendants.  At the intersection of empires, cultures, and economies, urban spaces and structures were, and continue to be, shaped by the cities’ global connections. Through an exploration of all aspects of the urban built environment, the workshop will start a conversation between scholars working on the spatial characteristics of those cities that first rose to prominence in the early modern imperial world.

In her paper, Dr. Garcia will reflect on the varied representations and interpretations of Liverpool as a historical world city, as a marginalised city in the latter part of the 20th century, and as a city undergoing an international image renaissance since 2008.

For further event details, see the event listing here.

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