World Design Capital Dr Beatriz Garcia supports Taipei

Added on Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Dr Beatriz Garcia – Head of Research Cultural Policy and Action is a member of the World Design Capital Selection Committee for 2016. Beatriz was delighted to be invited to join the WDC and said ‘This is an exciting time for the WDC designation, which has made phenomenal progress since it was first hosted in 2008. As proven by the experiences of host cities as diverse as Torino, Seoul and Helsinki, the designation has provided a fantastic platform to explore and challenge our understanding of design practices and values, and encourages an exploration of design applications in their widest sense.

The Selection Committee convened on 5 August to discuss the merits of the application brought forward by the City of Taipei with the aim of evaluating its contents against the stringent criteria that awards this designation to a qualifying city on a biennial basis. Having passed the initial scoring, it was decided upon careful consideration that the application would move on to the next phase, which would involve a two-day onsite evaluation.

The site visit will enable further information to be gathered in an attempt to provide the WDC Selection Committee with a more thorough understanding of the proposed programmes, as well as aim to address questions raised during the first round of evaluation.

The 2016 designation will mark the 5th cycle for the WDC programme established by Icsid as a yearlong platform demonstrating the value of design when utilised by cities to empower revitalisation strategies from a social, cultural and economic perspective.

The WDC Selection Committee was not discouraged by the one bid submitted but rather leveraged this opportunity to focus its assessment on the viability of the application. The same rigour will be applied to ensure that the proper evaluation metrics are enforced to determine whether the City of Taipei will meet all criteria.

A comprehensive report on the findings will be compiled by members of Icsid’s WDC Organising Committee and shared with the WDC Selection Committee following the city visit. The final deliberation and official announcement is expected to take place in September 2013.


For more information: http://www.worlddesigncapital.com/press-releases/city-of-taipei-moves-closer-towards-becoming-the-next-world-design-capital-in-2016/#more-1563

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